high end nutrition made locally


Nutrition per pack of 200g:

600 calories

60g protein

15g Fiber

9g Fat

100% organic

Protein truffles made from dates & milk that come with 2 dates in every piece, dusted with Date-seed powder.

These truffle packs are a cyclist's best friend. They are designed to provide enough energy & calories throughout the day or can even be used as a meal replacement with a significant protein edge.

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100% Dietary (DV) requirements

100% sourced local

0% preservatives

0% added sugar

products tailored for the entire day at the computer desk user or even for the long journeys that require meals on the go!

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Empowering local farms

PATENTED to sell globally

Our climate-friendly promise

Rash-Tions is committed to sustainability, offering organic, circular, and locally sourced snacks that thrive anywhere in the MENA's harsh desert environment. We use minimal water to maximize food production, reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

The purpose of RashTions is to reach food security goals by leveraging the most common local resources to create the right formulations that result in the best products

Supporting the local economy

Rashtions Protein Truffles is here to redefine the way we approach nourishment and sustainability on a global scale, with a mission to diversify food import sources and identify alternative supply schemes by supporting local farmers through formulating products out of local resources that have great enough taste to keep morale & nutrition high

Zero Waste, Circular Production Practices

We believe that circularity is the key to a sustainable future. That's why we use every part of the date in our production process, from the flesh to the pits, to create a truly zero-waste product.
Our commitment is dedicated to using locally sourced, water-efficient ingredients also means using everything we can get our hands on. Rather than throwing away date seeds, RashTions uses them as a coating to provide extra fiber.

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Whether you're a potential partner or simply intrigued by our mission, we're just a message away. We're here to discuss opportunities, share insights, and explore the world of Rash-tions together.
Get in touch with us today and be a part of our journey towards sustainable food security.

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