Food Security

Rashtions aim is to make nutrition-dense products using local resources. We contribute to the nation's self-reliance through large-scale, locally sourced, water-efficient food production. Our patented export-ready products are designed to stimulate the local economy by increasing the demand for locally produced goods explicitly designed for the MENA region. This approach diversifies charity food import sources and reduces reliance on global supply chains, making the UAE more resilient in any crisis.


    Where RashTions is

    RashTions can currently produce 250 tons of food annually, but we aspire to increase it to 1600 tons per annum.

    How RashTions got here


    Sanitary Kitchen

    Capable of producing up to 30 tons of RashTions per annum using special equipment supplied by RashTions.

    HASHEM V0.2

    Mobile Food Factory

    Developed and iterated in my kitchen. Hashem can be deployed anywhere in the MENA and reaches farther than its competitors (UN-FAO) to deploy 50 tons/annum of fresh food (Protein RashTions) using solar power.

    Ebra V0.1

    Static Food Factory

    RashTions manufacturing line designed to produce large amounts of RashTions in a sanitary factory

    Where RashTions is going

    To produce 1600 tons of wheat, farms require 18 million liters of water daily, acres of land, an army of staff and other farming related costs. In contrast, RashTions only needs 25 million liters of water in an entire year to meet the same target of 1600 tons of RashTions.

    RashTions has future plans to utilize resources to reach a target of 100,000 tons of food per annum